Thank You RightTime

I have a wonderful 50 year old Omega Seamaster watch my father left to me that I

15 Seconds of Media Attention for a Vintage Watch

posted about last July. As everything becomes digital, finding skillful service for vintage watches is becoming more difficult. Two years ago I had it serviced by RightTime, a watch shop in the Atrium on Bay in downtown Toronto. I thought they did an excellent job, with quick and courteous service and a reasonable price.

In the last few months, the watch began losing time, so I took it back to RightTime. It turns out that the mainspring needed to be replaced. This took longer, as they had to order a mainspring from the manufacturer. Gabriella, whom I dealt with, took the position that this repair was covered by warranty. I was pleasantly surprised, as I have found that warranties in many instances, for example car repairs, are very restrictive. In any event, my watch came back to me, with the work performed at no charge.

I appreciate RightTime’s thoughtful, courteous, and effective service to keep this heirloom working. If you need watch repairs on a vintage watch RightTime is the place.

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