15 Seconds of Media Attention for a Vintage Watch

I happened to be watching CBC Newsworld’s Morning Live show on Friday and the discussion turned to the surprising phenomenon of digitally-connected millennials buying analog watches. After giving several reasons for this trend – they look nice, it’s refreshing to have something with only one function – host Jennifer Hall asked the audience for their experiences with analog watches. Though I don’t usually seek media attention, this time I had a story to tell, so I immediately emailed the address they gave.

My late father, Sidney Borins, collected watches, and the one I chose to inherit is a 50 year old Omega Seamaster. The watch has a gold case, gold hands, and gold bars (more cool than numerals) — set on a cream-colored face. The watch definitely reflects the era of dry martinis, James Bond movies, Mies van der Rohe buildings, and narrow lapels and skinny ties. And JFK wore an Omega.

With service every few years, it keeps accurate time. It is also a wonderful momento of my father, as well as an attractive and valuable piece of jewellery.

Thirty minutes later, the discussion returned to analog watches and I was pleased to see much of my email (minus the description) on the side of the screen and then to hear Ms. Hall mention that “Sandford wears a 50 year old Omega that belonged to his dad” and the other commentators expressed their awe.

No one I know called me to say they had caught my 15 seconds in the limelight but that didn’t matter. These 15 seconds of public attention made my day and are worthy of a post.

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