Governing Fables (2011)

Governing Fables

Governing Fables: Learning from Public Sector Narratives is a pathbreaking book that advocates the importance of narrative for public servants, exemplifies it with a rigorously selected and analyzed set of narratives, and imparts narrative skills politicians and public servants need in their careers.

Reviews of Governing Fables

“The book is groundbreaking with respect to the depth with which he identifies and explores the narratives of public governance and then applies them to governing practice.”

Charles T. Goodsell, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Technical University

“Borins has opened up new territory and introduced some key concepts that will find further use in our field. This volume will also add to the richness of our thinking about some of those stories that help us make sense of our experiences.”

Professor Michael Rowe, University of Liverpool

[Governing Fables] offers a useful overview of a hitherto largely neglected aspect of our field. It contains a lot of shrewd, well-informed – and enjoyable – interpretation of narratives with which many teachers and students will already be familiar.

Professor Christopher Pollitt, Catholic University of Leuven

[Governing Fables] challenges and illuminates, bringing a whole different set of perspectives to bear on analyzing and teaching public administration. [Governing Fables] is wide-ranging, interesting, humorous, and insightful.”

Professor Evert Lindquist, University of Victoria

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