My Globe and Mail Op-ed Just Published

Today, The Globe and Mail published my op-ed about the Ontario Government’s budget consultation survey. The article is behind a paywall, so this link to it only works if you are already a subscriber. If you aren’t a subscriber but want to read it, please email me and I will email the link to you, courtesy of The Globe and Mail.

Over the next few days, I will be watching several things.

What do the comments say? Are other readers in agreement with me or do they disagree?

Will the article be noticed at the political level? The Legislature is sitting today, and there are several findings in the article that could serve as the basis of questions from the Opposition. The most obvious concern Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass, which had little support in the survey. Come hell or high water, the Government seems determined to build them.

The budget will be presented tomorrow, which will give me an opportunity to compare and contrast the Ford Government’s decisions and allocations with the priorities chosen by people who responded to the survey. I expect to have lots more to say.

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