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When I retired last year, my department and I discussed creating a legacy to build on my teaching and research on narrative and management. We came up with the idea of creating a digital communications fund to train students in digital storytelling (such as podcasts or videos) and run a competition. We need to raise a $25,000 endowment. Former Chair of the Department Mike Krashinsky and Managing Director Christine Arsenault have sent the letter that follows to colleagues, friends, and former students.

I am also reaching out to those who receive my blog by subscription or through Facebook or Twitter. If you want to help support the work I passionately engage in as teacher and scholar, here is an opportunity.

Mike and Christine’s Letter

In honour of Professor Sandford Borins’ retirement, we are proud to announce the creation of the Sandford Borins Digital Communications Fund, designed to develop the next generation of management leaders by building their capacity as innovative content producers.

Sandford Borins was a faculty member from 1990 to 2020 and served as the department’s founding chair from 1991 to 2003. He developed and taught a popular course on Narrative and Management and authored numerous books and articles on that topic. Many of us have been mentored by Sandy in some way, whether as a friend, colleague, or professor.

As a passionate believer in learning by doing, Professor Borins chose to mark his retirement by creating an opportunity for University of Toronto Scarborough students to unleash their potential and express themselves through original digital content. With 30 years of academic instruction behind him, Professor Borins understands that if students are empowered in the right ways, they can create change by sharing their message.

We all know Sandy as the kind of person who likes to try things that are new and different. “I want to encourage students to learn to express themselves through media,” says Sandy about why he chose this project to mark his retirement. “It’s helpful for everyone to have a compelling narrative about themselves, whether it’s for a job interview or introducing yourself at a party. Students have more access to tools to express themselves through multi-media than ever before. My hope is to arm them with the skills to use this technology to tell great stories.”

The fund will be targeted to Management and Journalism students but open to all UTSC undergraduates. Participants will join in a series of skills-building workshops that build the core competencies of effective storytelling, enhanced by technical training in video production, website/app design or podcast development. Participants will be challenged to produce a story-driven content deliverable that explores a theme related to the student’s own experience. Submissions will be judged by a panel of faculty and alumni. We hope to raise at least $25,000 to create an endowed fund to cover some of the costs of this competition.

We have both personally benefitted from our professional relationships with Professor Borins and we believe it’s important to support this project.

Christine Arsenault: “Over our 20-year professional relationship, Sandy has taught me that our role is to inspire students, but they in turn inspire us. He gave me opportunities early in my career because he saw potential in me and I’ll always be grateful for his mentorship. Many of his students remember his innovative classes and his unparalleled passion for learning. I’m honoured to be able to give back to Sandy and our students by playing a role in establishing this fund. It’s a fitting tribute for Sandy’s name to be associated with developing great storytelling capacity within our students.”

Mike Krashinsky: “Sandy arrived at UTSC a little over 30 years ago charged with the task of building a Management program out of almost nothing. He had some faculty, mostly in Economics, and some vague promises of funding for new positions. He had a vision of what a comprehensive program in Management would look like, and he set about the hard work of fighting to extract the resources to make that vision a reality. I had the great privilege to work with him and to see his dedication and energy up close. All of us – students, faculty and staff – owe an immeasurable debt to Sandy for his perseverance and creativity, and it with great pleasure that I ask you to join me in establishing a permanent legacy in his name.”

Will you join us in celebrating Sandy’s retirement and legacy by making a gift to the Sandford Borins Digital Communications Fund. Your gift will continue Sandy’s legacy of instruction in management narratives and set students up for success.

If you’re in the United States, please click here for a tax-deductible pledge form and instructions.

Thank you for helping recognize one of UTSC’s most cherished academic leaders.


Christine Arsenault, Managing Director

Mike Krashinsky, Professor of Economics and Chair, 2003 – 2011


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