Covid USA: A Parody

Seeing pictures of recent “open up America” rallies and once again crowded beaches in Florida, coupled with the news that the virus is spreading to Boston, left me appalled. One can react to such news with anger, which would lead to a denunciation. A second way to react is with scorn, which could be expressed with satire or irony. In this instance, I chose the second. This is not the sort of writing I would do as an academic, but now that I am retiring, as mentioned in my previous post, I’m open to trying new ways of expressing myself.

I’m attacking the “open up America” movement with a parody using a hit song people of my generation would know well. The parody is not of the song itself, but it uses the tune and sensibility of the original song. Older readers or aficionados of Sixties music should have no trouble recognizing it. Hint for other readers: The original song ends with the acronym USA but isn’t by Bruce Springsteen.



 © Sandford Borins 2020


 If everybody had the virus

Across the USA

Then everybody’d be gaspin’

Just like Manhattan way

You’d see docs wearin’ their facemasks

Their isolation gowns too

And lookin’ through faceshields

Covid USA


You’ll hear the protesters screamin’

End the lockdowns today

Marchin’ through East Lansing

And Minnesota too

All over Anap’lis

And down Seattle way

No one’ll get Covid

Covid USA

(Simultaneous chorus: Inhale, Exhale, USA)

They’d all be plannin’ a breakout

They’re gonna make today

They’re pullin’ out their campers

They can’t wait for May

They’ll all be gone for the summer

Out in public to stay

Tell Doc Fauci he’s lyin’

Covid USA


Watchin’ baseball and drinkin’

NFL and tailgates

Red MAGA hats and rallies

Crowdin’ beaches all day

They don’t care ‘bout Covid

They’re comin’ out to play

(Simultaneous chorus: inhale, exhale, USA)

Just watch them get Covid

Covid USA


Just watch them get Covid

Covid USA

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