Getting My Political Message Out

I’ve done it. I’ve launched my YouTube channel and I’ve posted three political messages. They are all minute-long attacks on the Ford Government, my own attack ads. It’s a start.

The first criticizes Ford’s environmental record.

The second criticizes the Ford Government’s record on science and research.

The third criticizes the Ford Government’s authoritarianism, its proclivity to look for ways to shut down its opponents.

I invite you to watch any or all of them and, if you agree, to circulate them.

On the Verge of the Campaign

We are now on the cusp of the campaign. The three major parties haven’t started their media campaigns, though the Conservatives do have some ads on their YouTube channel. The Ford Government’s recent amendments to the Election Finances Act have imposed tighter limits on election spending by interest or advocacy groups (confusingly referred to in the Act as “third parties.”) They too are silent.

The Ford Government is taking advantage of this silence in the campaign to dominate the political stage with its announcements and policies, such as the controversial licence plate fee refund. Next week’s budget will also make headlines.

The polls predict the Conservatives will get more than 35 percent of the popular vote which, with the opposition vote split between the Liberals and NDP, would result in a Conservative majority in the Legislature. But polls have been wrong before. If the Conservatives’ vote slips slightly and there is substantial strategic voting, the Conservatives would fail to win a majority. This would open the door to a Liberal or NDP Government, with the support of the other party, or even a coalition.

Getting “it” Done

The Conservatives’ campaign slogan and theme song is “Get it Done.” It’s often the case that the “it” they want to do, for example building Highway 413, isn’t worth doing.

Despite the polls, I won’t be giving up. I will be making more political ads in the coming days and weeks. That’s the “it” I’ll be getting done.


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