Attacking Doug Ford on Covid

The reaction to my previous message attacking Ontario Premier Doug Ford on climate change was positive as readers encouraged me to record and post it. Here is my message attacking his handling of the pandemic. I’m also planning messages on democratic values and respect for science. My plan is to record and post all of them in the New Year.


I’m Sandford Borins, a proud Ontarian. I’ve lived here most of my life and I’m a retired Professor of Management at the University of Toronto.

On the eve of the pandemic, Doug Ford told people to enjoy their March break holidays. A few days later he declared a state of emergency. It’s been like that ever since. When cases decrease, he tells people to relax. Then the next wave hits and he reverses course. And Ford has consistently refused to require vaccinations for any occupational group.

Why? Last summer, Ford said he didn’t want a so-called “split society.” The vast majority of Ontarians are willing to do what is necessary to end the pandemic. But Doug Ford is pandering to the libertarians and anti-vaxxers who throng to the PC Party.

Doug Ford has demonstrated his incapacity as a crisis manager. On June 2, vote strategically to defeat him.

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