Updating My Website

With the assistance of the very talented web manager and designer Kerry Wall, I have updated my website in several ways. Here is how it differs from the previous version.

I’ve added a box on the right hand side of every page outlining the value proposition in subscribing to my blog posts. On the one hand, it’s free. On the other, you receive thought-provoking posts about politics and political narrative, about my research and teaching, and about other corners of my life. A win-win.

I’ve reorganized the older posts. Previously they all were listed chronologically, encompassing 18 pages, with 12 thumbnail graphics to a page, and each thumbnail graphic linked to its post. I wanted to make my older posts more easily accessible to my readers and to me. So I have divided all the posts into 10 categories: book and movie reviews; federal, Ontario, and US politics; my courses and my research; narrative studies; personal life; obituaries; and uncategorized. Clicking on each topic will take you to all the posts about it, listed chronologically, starting with the most recent post, with the link on the post’s title.

Finally – and this is personal – I’ve changed the photo of me on the masthead. The previous photo was taken 15 years ago. Since then, more of my hair has turned grey and the skin under my chin has gotten a bit looser. I’ve gotten older, and my face shows it. Hopefully, I’ve gotten wiser, and I’ll count on my words to show that.

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