Ford: Open Deco’s Books Now!

In my post of April 8 (“Questioning Doug Ford’s Resume), I wrote that if Doug Ford wanted to prove his business acumen, he would release audited financial results for the family business (Deco Labels and Tags). Of course he hasn’t, but Renata Ford’s bombshell lawsuit has provided what she claims is evidence of his mismanagement.

Renata Ford claims that Doug has mismanaged the business, eroded the estate of Doug Ford Sr. to cover its losses, paid himself extravagant compensation, and stolen from the estate of Rob Ford. Renata Ford’s statement claims that Deco Labels and Tags has lost a total of over $6 million in the years from 2010 to 2017 (excluding 2014 and 2015, which were not reported). While Doug Ford cannot quickly respond to all of Renata’s claims, he can release audited financial statements for Deco Labels and Tags, and he can do it today.

Is Renata correct or isn’t she? Is Doug Ford a smart businessman or is he incompetent? What does the record show? Voters want to know, and they want to know before Election Day.

Doug Ford claims that Renata was trying to enrich herself by threatening to go public with her claims. The obvious parallel is with allegations against Donald Trump by Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. The difference is that Trump was able to pay whatever was necessary to shut them up before the election. Renata’s claims suggest that the entire Ford family is orders of magnitude less wealthy than Trump. Doug Ford didn’t ignore Renata on principle: he doesn’t have the money!

If Ford becomes premier, Renata’s lawsuit won’t go away. The courts won’t recognize claims that he is above the law. Doug Ford doesn’t have the level of financial resources that will allow him to settle out of court. The Ford family finances will come out, and they will not be pretty. This lawsuit will be a major distraction from his job as premier.

Yesterday I wrote that Doug Ford doesn’t have the integrity or character to be premier. Renata Ford’s lawsuit only strengthens that judgment.

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