Canada Post Failing Me

I am old enough to remember when Canada Post had large, bureaucratic post offices with short hours and surly staff. They solved the problem by converting to retail franchises, and there are many more franchises, with better hours with friendlier and more helpful staff. But the experience I will relate makes it clear that there Canada Post still has problems behind the scenes in its distribution centers.

On January 5 – two weeks ago – I sent an envelope to a City of Toronto program that uses a postal box. I paid $11.92 for Express Post so that I could have it tracked. It still hasn’t been delivered. I go online to check the tracking number and every day the website says that the envelope is in transit. It could well be in transit forever, for all Canada Post seems to care.

If you don’t believe me, here is the link to Canada Post tracking. And my tracking number is 0077674000572649. If you’re interested you can track it as well.

I submitted a complaint to Canada Post customer service on Jan. 12. Their service standard for responding to complaints is 48 hours. It took a week. The letter from customer service says they expect to resolve it on February 6, a full month after the original letter was sent.

I will report on the ultimate resolution of this problem, whenever it happens. Most likely I will simply send a copy of the documents in the original letter and do it by regular post, which can’t be any worse than Express Post.




  1. I’m guessing you still haven’t resolved this. I checked your package this evening and no change.

  2. You have to follow up with them to get things done, that’s from my personal experience with Canada post, keep in mind that they gave me four different service tickets until I got what I want from them.

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