The (Possible) Contact between Kushner and the Russians that No One is Talking About

Attention on Jared Kushner’s contact with the Russians is focusing on his meetings with Russian diplomats and capitalists in the transition period, in particular the proposal to establish a communications back-channel. Instead, I would look for a different type of contact that, if it in fact occurred, could well prove to be much more nefarious in intent and realization.

It was not widely reported, but the Trump campaign ran a low-profile online marketing operation out of a bunker in San Antonio. The only mainstream journalists who appear to have visited it were Sasha Issenberg and Joshua Green, who reported about it in Blomberg Business Week. Kushner was in charge of this operation.

We also know that the Russians were involved in online dirty tricks during the election campaign including hacking the DNC and releasing hacked emails as well as creating and circulating fake news. Given that the Republican and Russian online operations were working to achieve the same end, it is reasonable to assume that there could have been some sort of collusion. And this might have involved contact between the Russian operations and the guy at the top of the Trump online operation, Jared Kushner. If I were in the FBI, I would be checking this possibility out. My research and interviews would encompass people who worked in or were aware of the Trump online operation.

Unlike the communications back-channel, which on the face of it can be (and is being) rationalized with bland assertion that communications is never a bad thing, collusion with hackers and representatives of foreign powers to influence an election outcome is unjustifiable and illegal. If there is something there, and I think it reasonably likely that there is, I hope the FBI and Congressional investigations find it out.

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